Mood music: For No Apparent Reason

10448632_710375945712224_3063267071840208518_o tegan

I had the great pleasure last week to hear Tegan Steinberg and Mikel Kelly, who comprise For No Apparent Reason, rehearse for anticipated gigs this spring and summer.

Each has a beautiful commitment to musical expression, but I am also taken with their love for each other. Mikel has been a constant in Tegan’s life since her infancy. As a toddler, Tegan would climb into Mikel’s lap and sit with him, as he visited with her parents.

A journalist by trade, Mikel has always demonstrated a musical side. His guitar and subscription to Rolling Stone are never far from reach. He has a strong affinity for Bob Dylan, but is currently listening to Eric Clapton’s The Breeze.

The CD is an appreciation of JJ Cale, a guitarist Clapton has described as one of the most important musicians in rock history. Mikel told Tegan and me that Cale once mentioned to Clapton that he picked his amplifier up eight times on performance nights. Clapton urged him to hire someone to do the lifting, but Cale didn’t want to spend money on something that was easily done on his own.

Tegan is a preschool teacher whose joy and enthusiasm seem boundless. Her clear enunciation of lyrics provide a dramatic and soulful presentation.

Here are three of their covers, but I’m told a performance of “Going to the Chapel” for a friend’s bridal shower was awe-inspiring for every one in attendance.


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