Gaucho Collective co-working space is promising


Last night’s open house at the Gaucho Collective was invigorating. There is an air of possibility in an older downtown building that will bring people together in a new way.

I imagine myself at the laptop bar at least once a week, pounding out the two books I have in progress and the one still in my heart.

The co-working concept has caught on in other places, and the opportunity conjures romantic visions of thinkers gathering for a salon of sorts. You rent space to use for productivity and a connection to downtown.

There is an energy and vitality downtown that disappeared for a few years. The block between Main and Klamath is now vibrant, and I envision that area will become even more appealing when the pocket park is completed.

I love our Main Street architecture and the Grizzle Building has come a long way since the City of Klamath Falls stepped in to purchase it several years ago. Last week at the Blue Zones focus groups, I met one of the building’s owners and she’s excited about the Collective, too.

Gathering Grounds Coffee went into the building first, and it is a welcome addition to the community. Now there is caffeine and workspace in easy proximity to one another. All one could hope for is more time and jovial co-workers.

Well done, Gaucho Collective.


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