Welcome to Klamath: It’s that time of year


We have another opportunity to showcase our community to those who may be unaware of the greatness of Klamath. The gates to Burning Man will open Sunday, August 30, and approximately 11,000 travelers will come from the north.

Efforts will be made over the weekend to provide information to the northern regional contacts for Burning Man to disseminate to their email lists. Suggested retailers, restaurants and attractions will be blogged about here in an effort to generate some interest in stopping on the way down and back from Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

How will I decide what to plug? I’ll use my gut and my personal experience. If you miss a place on my list, it isn’t personal. Print yourself a Burner Welcome sign and show some hospitality. No one can pay for placement; it’s a gift. (Gifting is one of the 10 Principles of Burning Man.)

There were some naysayers last year, but frankly I’m not asking anyone to do more than be nice and friendly. Those should be the hallmarks of Southern Oregon hospitality anyway.

Over the past year, I’ve learned that some people I highly respect and esteem have been to Burning Man. There is truly something there for everyone.

If you don’t like Burning Man, and Burners, then do not attend. By the way, the various transients who have been portrayed as the typical Burning Man demographic couldn’t afford to get inside the gates.

Last year there were issues about refuse left behind, so I’ll plug our transfer station as a place to help them leave no trace. Our local motels might also see a boost for those needing a shower and a comfortable bed.

If even one person has a great experience and shares the greatness of Klamath, we are ahead of where we were yesterday.

My friend Blue won’t be going to Burning Man this year, as he has work to be done here. He’s spent the summer volunteering and helping our community through service. Civic Responsibility is one of the 10 Burning Man Principles, and I applaud Blue for living his beliefs.

That said, we can wrap up our summer knowing Klamath can fulfill the needs of travelers, do more to promote tourism, and set a tone for cordial relations. I consider all of those local values.


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