Welcome to Klamath: Shopping for supplies

outfits burnersMoses and the children of Israel did not set out into the desert without provisions. No one in modern times should either.

Last year, I met a woman from France on her way to Burning Man with a lone gallon jug of water. I asked her to carry more, and she rounded up six more gallon jugs. Needing to fill them with water, I sent her to Mike Angeli at The Ledge. He filled her jugs, encouraged her that she needed even more water, and reiterated my request that she go through Reno, instead of through Winnemucca as a woman traveling alone in a strange environment.

Mike has a working knowledge of the outdoor lifestyle and products that make camping a better experience. He’s also a sole proprietor doing daily retail battle against big chain stores.

On that note, you might think about grocery shopping at Sherm’s Thunderbird. It’s part of a small, regional chain that provides great prices and a good selection.

Fred Meyer put together a nice Burner section last year, and I do a fair amount of overall shopping there. The pharmacy technicians know me by name. It’s gas station usually has the best price in town, too.

If you are looking for some building supplies, as a trip to the Playa might require some construction, I recommend Diamond Home Improvement. It’s another small, regional chain with stores here and in Grants Pass.

Big R has some building supplies, too, along with automotive, clothing and farming and ranching gear. I went in once to buy some large pruning shears, and a gentleman instructed me on how to choose the best tool for the job. He made sure it fit my hands well and showed me the physics of the longer handles providing leverage. I thanked him and offered to tell his manager what a great job he’d done, and he told me he didn’t work there. Friendly Klamath right there.

Our Goodwill does a lot of business during the Burning Man traveling season,  but Periwinkle on Main Street is also a good place for purchasing new-to-you togs.

Personally, I cannot peruse M’Bellish without wanting to make a purchase. There’s a good mix of kitchen ware, home décor and women’s clothing. I appreciate the stationery and accessories, too.

On the topic of stationery, The Oregon Gift Store has books, cards and wine and beer.

When it comes to local spirits, Mia’s and Pia’s Pizzeria & Brewhouse and The Creamery are our two phenomenal microbreweries.  Take a growler to go.

On the wine front, 12 Ranch Wines are made in my hometown of Bonanza (30 miles east of Klamath Falls), but can be found at M’Bellish and Portland Street Market.

Personally, I prefer a Bloody Mary and my favorite is from Gino’s Sports Bar. Now, I wonder if I can get a Hydroflask from The Ledge filled there and put it in the pickup bed to take home.


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