Welcome to Klamath: Where to eat

feeds burnersNow I’m a creature of habit and this list does not negate any restaurant not listed, but here are some of my favorites.

The top of my list is Starv’n Marv’n Family Restaurant. I’m in the door a matter of seconds before a quart jar of iced tea is being prepared for me. Tracy Fields and her servers are a class act and the food is delicious. Just remember the hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Plan accordingly and know that breakfast is served at any time.

If you are after pizza, I love Rodeos Pizza & Saladeria on Main Street. You can never go wrong with a good salad, and pizza by the slice is lovely.

On the topic of salads, I really like Portland Street Market’s salads, sandwiches and soups. The proprietor cooks all of the meat herself, with the exception of the pastrami, which is special ordered from San Francisco.  The beer and wine selection is top notch, too.

Jumping back onto Main Street, Thai Orchid has an impressive following. People traveling through are said to stop and enjoy the authentic Thai food and friendly service.

Just up and across the street is A Leap of Taste, which is a cool little café. Known for it fresh ingredients and tasty desserts.

If you want a great burger, or fabulous Cobb Salad, then K’z Purple Onion will fit the bill. They have American or Greek choices, but I recommend the Cobb Salad with Greek dressing.

There are a variety of food trucks parked in a lot along Sixth Street, across from the Fairgrounds. The wagons vary from snack fare to barbecue to deli sandwiches and salads.

A little further down Sixth Street, from downtown, is Wubba’s, where you will find great barbecue.

Backtracking to Washburn Way, The Chicken Shack does a great job with wings, strips and salads. Just writing this makes me think I’ll get my Dad some fried gizzards some time soon.

Are there more options? Absolutely. Don’t see anything here that seems appealing? Ask a local citizen. We all have our preferences.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Klamath: Where to eat

  1. I own Full Plate and would really like to be added to this list. 3540 S. 6th Bright blue mobile unit, eco friendly, vegan options and local! Please add us


  2. Please add Full Plate to this list. We are local, offer vegan options and eco friendly solar powered. We are also really lose to the intersection of crater lake hwy and S 6th. 354 S 6th


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