Welcome to Klamath: What is there to do?

This is a screenshot of the Discover Klamath website.

This is a screenshot of the Discover Klamath website.

When it comes to what makes Klamath great, just this side of the amazing people who populate the Klamath area is a beautiful landscape filled with a variety of opportunities in the great outdoors.

First, Crater Lake is actually in Klamath County. Now the entire state takes credit for it, and it’s a National Park, but it is ours. I shake my head when I think of the people who travel internationally to see the lake, but many local kids haven’t seen the deep blue gem. Make some time to see this gorgeous reminder that God made the world for man’s enjoyment.

Second, Discover Klamath is more than a phrase. It’s our professional tourism agency. Another good site is Explore Klamath Lake Modoc Siskiyou. The websites will cover most of the things here, but I’m going to be a pesky spinster aunt and remind you of the variety available.

Hiking is huge around here. Biking is also growing more popular every day. We also boast some of the best fishing in the United States. As long as we are talking water, there are 15,000 acres of waterways in Klamath begging for kayakers, canoeists, paddle boarders and sailboat enthusiasts.

For those who like to keep a ball in their sports regime, golf is also top-notch in Klamath.

The history of our community is one of my passions, and our museums are worth visiting. Within the Klamath County Museum complex, there are three distinct buildings. Two are on Main Street and the other is in Fort Klamath. If you visit the Main Street locations, consider purchasing a copy of Maud & Mary: A Century of Change, written by yours truly. I don’t receive a dime, but the cost does help the museum.

Favell Museum is also on Main Street, and its collection is awe inspiring. I knew Gene Favell, the museum’s founder, and he would be glad to know that the institution survives him for generations to come.

Klamath also has a nice children’s museum.

There is also a thriving arts community here. The Klamath County Museum proper and Favell have art galleries, and the Klamath Art Gallery is just off Main Street, too.

While you are in town, it is also worth checking out whether the Ross Ragland Theater or Linkville Playhouse have performances offered during your stay.


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