Santa, please stop at County Cork Collectibles


Anticipating the TCM Maureen O’Hara marathon on Friday, I made a trip out to County Cork Collectibles this week. I’ve been remiss in not getting out there more often.

Santa definitely could do well by his wish list with a stop in Merrill.

IMG_0892I was immediately greeted with a gift I’d like to give the world. No, it is not a Coke with the promise of teaching everyone to sing in perfect harmony. It’s a wall hanging calling for the return of common sense.

To crib from Bill Engvall: Here’s your sign.

IMG_0915On the topic of cribs, I found the perfect first Christmas gift for the great niece. Red moccasins will make her the belle of any ball.

IMG_0916For her two-year-old brother, there’s a children’s Huckleberry Finn. The camo booties are probably too small, so this will give him another chance at a good understanding.

IMG_0906I love words, and this little gem found its way home with me, along with a couple of cards. My money is on crazy when the opponent is karate. You cannot use fluid motion or balance when the opposing force is unstable.

IMG_0895Money within a bar of soap is a great gift for the rangy adolescent. Hit the lottery, son. Take a shower.

IMG_0896For the forwardly aggressive, as opposed to the passive aggressive, the tiny time alarm clocks are brilliant. We all have the person in our circle who runs on their own schedule. This gift makes a point and marks time.

IMG_0909There is always the token gift to round out the season, and pocket charms inscribed with a meaningful sentiment are ideal. A small memento to carry with you.

IMG_0893Vera Bradley has a number of beautiful bags, accessories and pajamas. However, the stationery is also breath taking. A well balanced pen, flowing against a designer sheet will make holiday thank yous a joy.

IMG_0899A line of headbands and scarves are socially-conscious choices. Each provides meals for children in Uganda. You can look attractive and aid humanity.

IMG_0912Finally, a wonderful scent can make a lasting impression. There are lovely candles and a variety of lotions, but the romance and power of the sea are captured in Inis cologne.


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