What if?

So I’ve been thinking that our community should set aside a special day in August to celebrate one of our beloved pioneers.

Two Saturdays before Labor Day the Klamath area sees a strong commuting population of travelers to the Burning Man Festival. If we take that day to honor Maud Baldwin, whose birthday was Aug. 8, we could possibly draw more Burners to the community to spend some money.

On that Saturday, which would be announced to the Burning Man regional contacts, we could have a morning and afternoon tour of downtown architecture. Historic buildings could have window displays of antique photos of the structure with a bit of history thrown in for good measure.

Restaurants could offer a special that day and galleries could have special showings. The Baldwin Hotel Museum could offer special Maud-inspired tours and exhibits.

The day could be capped with a special video, yet to be created, about Maud’s influence on the community.

The entire purpose of the day would be to draw more of an interest by those passing through and to drive more civic pride in our community.

Personally, I’m committed to creating the video about Maud, and I’d love to be a docent on the architectural walk.

By that time, the pocket park at the corner of Main and 6th will be complete and it would be a natural hub to send individuals on an exciting excursion in Klamath Falls.

Maud did a lot to help promote the community to the outside world. Let’s keep her actively engaged now.


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