Blue Zones: Bob Davies is the man


March will find Klamath Falls launching its official Blue Zones Project, but many of our community members have been living the Power 9 principles for years.

One of those people is Bob Davies, whom I adore. Bob sponsored me in Kiwanis many years ago, and he is a testament to what I consider a return to common-sense behaviors through Blue Zones.

1. Move naturally: For a time, I always traveled Foothills Boulevard on my way to work. Each morning, Bob’s vehicle was parked on the “Road to Nowhere” because he was walking his handsome Labrador Chief. Weather was never a consideration. The pair would take the opportunity to greet the day with a walk. Bob also has numerous tales about hiking in the Sky Lakes Wilderness and hunting out in the Bonanza area. Simple, natural movement keeps our joints in good shape, while also getting our heart moving and our minds grooving.

2. Know your purpose: Bob’s career was serving as a certified public accountant, but that wasn’t his purpose. He responded to defend the Allied efforts in World War II, has belonged to Kiwanis International for more than 50 years, and has been a friend and mentor to many people. His purpose, in my estimation, is bringing people together and bringing out their best.

3. Down shift: Bob had two friends (Bill Meade and Terry Boyer) whom he routinely joined for relaxation and fun, whether it was a walk down the Wingwatchers’ Trail or telling stories about some of their adventures and escapades.

4. 80% rule: Bob has never over-eaten in my presence. Eating to the point of being 80 percent full would be something he’d agree to as a good idea. Now, he would probably tell us his Welsh ancestry was doing this long before the folks in Okinawa, but that’s part of Bob’s charm.

5. Plant slant: Eating fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy diet.

6. Wine at 5: Bob, Bill and Terry were known to have a bit of a tipple at the Elks Lodge. Terry was not a fan of either the white or the red wines offered, so he’d order a carafe of each and mix them. The trio were always fun in sober moments, but could be down right riotous when in their cups.

7. Right tribe: Bob always surrounds himself with quality people, and creates an environment of success for everyone in his acquaintance.

8. Community: Bob has a strong identity with each community to which he belongs. He is a proud graduate of Portland’s Grant High School and Walla Walla’s Whitman College; he’s a Kiwanian, Elk and Veteran of a Foreign War, among other memberships; he sees the beauty of the Klamath experience and enjoys telling of its past and envisioning the future; he’s a Welshman to a cellular level and knows that makes him handsome, brilliant and spry.

9. Loved ones first: There is nothing better than watching the pride Bob exudes in introducing his family to his friends. Many times I’ve heard him brag on his granddaughter Ruthie, when she was visiting a Kiwanis meeting. His family is very important to Bob, and Bob is important to his family (even those who have adopted him into their hearts without having a true family tie).


One thought on “Blue Zones: Bob Davies is the man

  1. Yes we know Bob….see him at Elks…he is a kick! Great story as we don’t always get to know the guys families and their accomplishments.


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