Boyd provides hope for Klamath County

donnie boyd

Proactive common sense seems to be in short supply throughout the nation. Klamath County finally has a ray of hope in the candidacy of Donnie Boyd for Commissioner Position No. 1.

He’s a businessman who has served on the Klamath Falls City Schools Board since 2007 and managed his family’s farm machinery business until its sale to Pape in 2014. He still works part-time for Pape and intends to keep his job with the firm if elected.

Personally, I am of the belief that it will be “when” elected. Mr. Mallams, our current commissioner in Position No. 1, ran on the platform of walking away from the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. The county has done that, but to what end? I’ve never expected the water issues to be resolved in my life time, but to walk away from the table seems short sighted.

Mr. Boyd has been clear that he is running because he loves this community and wants it to excel. He doesn’t need the work, but he’s willing to give it his best to improve the county. There are many people running for this seat, but he is the only contender whom I would trust to look at every opportunity in the light of Klamath’s future. I’m a bit tired of bluster and posturing.

A Board of County Commissioners comprised of Boyd, Bellet and Morris, will well serve our community. They may not always agree, but they will always be cordial and professional.

Our community has great potential and with the right leadership anything seems possible.


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