Sid Leiken has my vote


I’ve been waiting all campaign season for a few words to be said: civility, compromise, and executive leadership. I received all of these and “bully pulpit” last week, when Republican Secretary of State candidate Sid Leiken visited Klamath Falls.

Personally, I’m disgusted with the lack of statesmanship I’ve seen. Let’s work together to improve our state and nation.

Leiken is a fifth-generation Oregonian with a family history rooted in timber, and a personal resume reflecting bipartisanship that has found him a well-respected member of the GOP in the very blue Lane County. He’s been mayor of Springfield and is currently a Lane county commissioner.

He has the chops to serve the state well and is driven by his desire to serve the state. This is a very pivotal quality this year: a public servant who desires to serve others, not just beat their own chest.

While here he talked candidly about bringing more commerce opportunities to Springfield as mayor, and suggested that having three residents of Portland handling the entire state’s land use might not be ideal.

Klamath County Commissioner Morris said Leiken was one of a handful of commissioners statewide to be willing to help others understand their roles in county government.

The respect and appreciation he showed his wife was a welcome sight, too. She’s been at his side throughout his adult life and it’s clear theirs is a partnership of equals. He’s a proven leader with business credentials and Oregon would be well positioned to have him as Secretary of State.


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