Blessed are those who mourn: they will be comforted


None of us gets out of this mortal life alive. This weekend two of my inner circle are dealing with different stages of grief.

Shari Goercke Jones’ sister Niffer died unexpectedly last week. The Goercke clan is together in Olympia making plans on how to move forward. I’ve heard it said that a parent surviving a child is an unimaginable grief, as it upends the natural order of things. Shari’s parents have weathered numerous storms in life, but this is a moment they never could have anticipated facing.

While the Goerckes come to terms with fresh grief, Mike Angeli will attend the California Peace Officers Memorial. His partner at the Riverside Sheriff’s Office Eric Thach died on duty in 1999. Mike wears a bracelet in memory of Thach, and the engraving there is not as deep as that upon his heart.

Last October, Mike wrote this on Thach’s memorial page:

16 years ago, my daughter was born into this world. 16 years ago, you were taken from this world, Eric Thach. Some would say it is how the world is balanced. I would say that we lose those that make this world great too easily and that we are very imbalanced.

We bring things back to center by working harder and trying to live up to the standards you have given us. We honor you by this and carry on your memory and story.

16 years is long. Eternity, may it be guided by your example.

We speak of death as a loss, but for those of us with an eternal, spiritual perspective no one is lost. We know where they are and that we will join them one day.

Both of my friends and their families have helped me through times of grief and helped me learn and grow in other areas of my life. I am blessed with my little circle, and I aspire to be of help and comfort to my people.

We are here for a mere instant in comparison to eternity. Perhaps today we can tread more lightly with others, because we don’t fully know the burden they carry.


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