Klamath Kinetic Challenge results in glory for everyone


Peter Wagner moves his German wheel, The Flight of Sisyphus, across the sand obstacle of the 2016 Klamath Kinetic Challenge.

The core of the local kinetic experience is the spirit of collaboration and friendly competition.

This year Peter Wagner, pilot of The Flight of Sisyphus, was honored for his contributions to the Klamath Kinetic Challenge with the Spirit Award.

Wagner and his wife Jeri are familiar faces at the challenge, and he is known for his amazing vehicles and willingness to help other pilots. He is also a spectator favorite who takes time to entertain and educate those on the sidelines.

This year, he traveled five miles on a flat tire to reach base camp at KOA, but stopped tending his punctured inner tube to check on another team having mechanical troubles. He scouted the mud pit to ensure safe passage of all, and provided crew support to Jeri in several instances.

A special award was presented by Queen Bubblicious (Rikki Beford) to James Brown, who in addition to being crowned Tule Kween Jamie, also does the fundraising and trophy building for the Challenge. In the past two years, he has also built a sculpture for Nicole Young to pilot.

Results from the Challenge include:

Pel Awards for completing the course, following all of the rules: Banana Flambe (Tom Bedford and Dave Neiman), The Flight of Sisyphus (Peter Wagner), Seas the Day (Jeri Wagner), and Sweet Toot (Tony Bunyard).

Pelican Brief Award for shortest time in contest before a breakdown: The Red Barons (Nicole Young and Katie Bozgoz). Sponsored by Hanson Tire.

Road Runner Award for completing the Challenge in the shortest time: Banana Flambe. Sponsored by Linkville Coin & Antiques.

Dancing Grebe Award for largest splash on water entry: Seas the Day. Sponsored by KOA.

Stuck Duck Award for finishing in the middle of the pack: The Flight of Sisyphus. Sponsored by Mia and Pia’s Pizzeria and Brewhouse.

Owl Award for best local entry: Sweet Toot. Sponsored by Ace Towing.

Dead Last but Finished Award: The Red Barons. Sponsored by Ed Tuhy, doctor of optometry.

Gizmomania Award for engineering excellence: Banana Flambe. Sponsored by Rick’s Towing.

Van Go Go Award for artistic excellence: Sweet Toot. Sponsored by Holliday Jewelry.

Spirit Award: The Flight of Sisyphus. Sponsored by Klamath Basin Brewing.

Eagle Award for all-around excellence: Banana Flambe. Sponsored by Sanford and Son Secondhand.


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