Physical exertion and hijinx reigns supreme at Challenge


Photo by Marcus Peterson
Heidi Kester’s Moana won the Pelican Brief and Van Go Go awards at the 2017 Klamath Kinetic Challenge.

It’s all wild rides and silliness until someone’s chain breaks, and then the kinetic competitors pitch in to help their playmates get road worthy again.

The thirteenth Klamath Kinetic Challenge brought nine teams to the local course. Each was special in its team’s eyes, but only a fraction earned top status by completing the entire Challenge course following all of the rules.

Climbing the hill to Riverside School found the competitors facing the steepest ascent in all of kinetics, which makes the other road, sand, mud and water crossings look like child’s play.

Tule Kween ArtistE, known in her everyday life as Emily Lacy of Corvallis, commanded that everyone hydrate well. Her word of wisdom for the kinetic kingdom was marshmallow.

At the final awards banquet, Marcus Peterson’s Sweet Toot was provided a scholarship to compete at the Corvallis Da Vinci Days the weekend of July 15. Other awards include:

Pel Awards for completing the course, following all of the rules: Brave Sir Father and His Merry Minstrel, Banana Flash, Sweet Toot, Fired Up, Bouncing for Glory, and Sidehack.

Pelican Brief Award for shortest time in contest before a breakdown: Moana.

Road Runner Award for completing the Challenge in the shortest time: Brave Sir Father and His Merry Minstrel.

Dancing Grebe Award for largest splash on water entry: Fired Up.

Owl Award for best local entry: Sweet Toot.

Dead Last but Finished Award: Sidehack.

Mad Mudder for best mudpit crossing: General Maintenance.

Gizmomania Award for engineering excellence: Banana Flash.

Van Go Go Award for artistic excellence: Moana.

Eagle Award for all-around excellence: Banana Flash.


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