Bulldog & Brooklyn take DC: Day 1

bbdcNote: Jessica Dale (Bulldog) and Valeree Lane (Brooklyn) are in Alexandria, Virginia, to learn more about public health accreditation. Specifically, they are learning how to use the online system to upload Klamath County Public Health’s documentation for the Public Health Accreditation Board.

The day started early and windy, high atop Vandenberg Road. A 4 a.m. trip to Medford to catch the first leg of flight schedule was uneventful, but wet. We found that written seat assignments mean nothing to some people.

Here were the major learnings from today:

  1. Cats do not like to fly. (We think it might have been a comfort companion, but the yowls were not comforting.)
  2. A Mask-It makes a good unicorn saddle blanket. (Photo to follow later.)
  3. A complex combover can come undone, even with a smooth flight.
  4. Men should zip up before leaving the lavatory.
  5. Lint from Valeree’s red sweatshirt can appear to be a serious forearm rash.
  6. Sit by the lavatory and the whole world will pass by your seat.
  7. Having an American Express Platinum Card doesn’t guarantee easy use of technology.
  8. Washington D.C. is a long way from Klamath.
  9. Snoring is the universal language.

We arrived after dark, but got to our hotel and saw some of the city before calling it a day. The three-hour time difference will catch us tomorrow morning.

Below are some photos from this evening.


There was a bulldog in the lobby to greet Bulldog.


There was a model horse in the back of an antique pickup.


Delicious meal at Gadsby’s Tavern, where George Washington would stop on his way to Mount Vernon. Jefferson’s inaugural ball was held here, too.


Bulldog went for the pork chop. You cannot go wrong with hearty tavern food.


The Spite House is only seven feet wide.


Christchurch was amazing.



Real cobblestones on Prince Street.


It’s good I have supervision. I’ve loved Georgian brick architecture most of my life. The history nerd would be knocking on doors.


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